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About Us


It all started when I was a young girl. I adored dresses, dolls, and playing house. My mother encouraged me to be feminine and appreciate the fact that I was a young lady. As I grew into womanhood, she was ever at my side as an example of how a woman should act. She taught me to appreciate femininity. From her I gained the vision that I have today. 


Her name was Deborah. 


This website was named in memory of her, as she passed away at a young age of 54 in 2010. After her death we gave birth to a sweet baby girl that we named Deborah Grace, so it only seemed fitting to name this website Deborah and Co after our precious mother and daughter. 


img-0399.jpgAfter giving birth to my third child, I realized the need for long maternity skirts. I started making some to sell online, and it quickly grew into a business. For several years it ran under the name “The Modest Mom” before we decided to expand our horizons by changing the name. Now we offer a clothing line for women, maternity, and girls.

We are thrilled to offer modest, yet cute and feminine clothing options for women. As a family based business our desire is to provide you the best customer care we possibly can, and make your shopping experience with Deborah and Co. something you will remember. 

Your support and encouragement means a great deal. Thank you for your wonderful reviews and helpul ideas. 


Sean, Caroline

Mosiah, Israel, Carrianna, Olivia, and Deborah